Weak Knees Gochujan Sriracha

$11.00 CAD

Bushwick Kitchen

Try this fermented gochujang chili paste meets classic sriracha flavors on mac and cheese, sauteed greens or in a Ceasar for a twist. The Bushwick Kitchen Gochujan Sriracha will become a condiment staple in your pantry because it's versatile, delicious and Lukes Drug Mart tried true and tested. 

Ingredients: Gochujang (water, wheat flour, salt, red pepper powder, roasted soybean powder, distilled alcohol, garlic, soybean, onion, seed malt), distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar

Blended, bottled, and shipped by hand in Brooklyn, NY.

Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha contains soy and wheat.