Lukes 1812 Blend

$17.50 CAD

Four Barrel Coffee

Location: Central America, East Africa
Cultivar: borbon, heirloom
Elevation: 1,550-1600 meters

This blend is a tribute to a history shared by our two great nations in the year of 1812.
“It’s the boyfriend you can take anywhere, you can dress him up or down.” Thats how Hein, one of our best friends from Four Barrel describes the versatility of the new Lukes 1812 blend. This unique direct trade seasonal coffee has been sourced, blended and roasted exclusively for Lukes, and was designed to be a friendly introduction to Four Barrel coffee. With a base of Central America and a hint of East Africa, this fully washed blend has a soft aroma of lemon lime mixed with layers of creme fraise, backed by a syrup molasses sweetness throughout. The idea for 1812 came as a result of the recent drop in the Canadian dollar, Lukes and Four Barrel felt that it was necessary to create a coffee that could be purchased at a reasonable price, yet still meet the highest level of quality possible.

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