Unexpected Guests

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Released in 2016. A collection of guest appearances, rarities, + exclusives featuring Talib Kweli, J Dilla, GZA, Sean Price, Count Bass D, Vast Aire, Kurious, Masta KIlla, and more. 

1 Fly That Knot Talib Kweli, DOOM Right About Now
2 Yikes Scienz of Life, DOOM Project Overground: The Scienz Experiment
3 Sorcerers KMD Shaman Work Presents-The Family Files Vol 1
4 Da Supafriendz Vast Aire, DOOM Look Mom... No Hands
5 Quite Buttery Count Bass D, DOOM Dwight Spitz
6  ? DOOM, Kurious Operation: Doomsday
7 All Outta Ale DOOM My Favorite Ladies 12"
8 E.N.Y. House Masta Killa, DOOM Made in Brooklyn
9 Bells of Doom DOOM Nature Sounds Presents The Prof. in Convexed
10 My Favorite Ladies DOOM My Favorite Ladies 12"
11 Street Corners [Doom Remix] Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, GZA Nature Sounds Presents Natural Selection 2.0
12 Angelz DOOM, Ghostface Killah Nature Sounds Presents Natural Selection
13 The Unexpected DJ Babu, DOOM, Sean Price DJ Babu Presents: Duck Season, Vol. 3
14 Project Jazz Talib Kweli, Viktor Vaughn, Hell Razah Renaissance Child
15 Black Gold John Robinson, DOOM Who is this Man?
16 Sniper Elite J Dilla, DOOM Sniperlite
17 Fire Wood Drumstykx DOOM Jay Stay Paid